Our forte is the preservation of heritage

Our forte is the preservation of heritage

In Orfeo Capital we are an active investment fund manager that was born in his day as a family office of a significant amount of money under management, and that we have evolved throughout this time until we began to make ourselves known a little.

Orfeo Capital is good at managing the saver, that is, the method we use is based on the preservation of heritage.

A great feature of ours is that much of the money that is managed belongs to the shareholder or to our own management team. In addition to co-investing with our investors.

We always cover the coin. All we have is our own product. Every company we invest in is analyzed by ourselves, Orfeo Capital never invests in anything it doesn’t know.

Right now Orfeo Capital is more positioned or weighted in the USA and it is because we think we are at the right time.

Orfeo Capital, is characterized by being composed of analysts, where each one has spent or lived his professional career in the real economy.


Source:Capital Radio Intereconomía – 06/06/2019