Orfeo Capital returns to its origins and opens an office in Logroño

Orfeo Capital returns to its origins and opens an office in Logroño

The manager has decided to open a new office in Spain. From now on, Orfeo Capital will be based in Logroño. And it will be directed by Borja García, senior analyst at the firm for five years, who will work from there with a team of four.

This is the second location of the firm in Spain, where they already have their headquarters in Madrid. From both they will provide the services of management of listed assets, private equity and M&A. Additionally, they were already present in London, Mexico and Bogotá, from where they offer only private equity and M&A services.

The chosen location responds, first, to its origins. “Our first great investor is from La Rioja and, thanks to our origins we have an important structure there, since many more savers came to us to replicate our model with them and we offered to enter our vehicles,” explains Miguel Ángel Temprano, CEO of Orfeo Capital.

The equity company of the Orfeo XXI business group has advised three investment vehicles in recent years: Universum Capital Sicav, Talentia Inversiones Integrales Sicav and Camera Capital Sicav. And just a few months ago he made the leap to become a manager.

Although it now manages about 75 million euros, they have set the goal of having 100 million more in two years. That is, reaching almost 200 million under management, as assured by Temprano Funds People.


Source: Funds people – 13-09-2019