Kamala Harris. The column of Miguel Ángel, 4th of November 2020

The New Biden Administration. A Historical opportunity for a brilliant woman: Kamala Harris.

We have just finished, or maybe not yet, the most convulsive elections in recent history. Let’s hope that the Gore-Bush vaudeville is not repeated, much less enlarged. The 20th of January 2021, the most erratic president in modern American history will leave the Oval Office to a pure breed politician, a senator with 32 years of service and 8 years of vice president with Obama. But Biden plays with a very heavy handicap: his age. He will occupy the White House at the age of 77 and if he wants to run for reelection, he will be 81. This and other critical factors put the figure of his vice president Kamala Harris in capital letters. A brilliant woman who will play a crucial role in this administration.

By Miguel Ángel Temprano
CEO Orfeo Capital
4th of November 2020
Reading time: 5:20 min.

I defined the election of Trump as president of the United States four years ago as an accident in History. Now, after four years of martyrdom, I not only confirm myself, but I reaffirm myself. Biden’s victory, although Trump might not want to acknowledge it – and in fact we will see how long it takes and what pressure he needs to do so – has been overwhelming. On January 20th, the term of the most erratic president in the history of the United States will end.

“The one who has mobilized the masses has been Trump, but against himself.”

But do not let the Democrats, much less Biden, believe that he has mobilized the masses. The one who has mobilized them, but against them, has been Trump. So now it’s time to see who has been chosen as the most powerful person on the planet.

Unlike Trump, Biden is a predictable character, and that is because he is not a political outsider, like Trump, but a lifelong politician. A prestigious senator and an experienced vice president, who held, not only wore, the position during the eight years of the Obama administration. But let’s not forget, Biden is 77 years old, that is, no matter how healthy he is, his age will weigh on him. Moreover, no matter how well he exercises his first term, when it ends he will be 81 years old. He is the oldest candidate in history to be elected, let alone be re-elected. And this is where the one who, in my opinion, is going to be the true protagonist of this legislature, Vice President Kamala Harris, emerges.

“Biden’s 77 years or 81 in four years, make the true protagonist of this legislature going to be Kamala Harris.”

If Biden played a relevant role during the Obama administration, Kamala Harris will have a much more important one in Biden’s. For many reasons, the first is how old Biden will be if he ran for reelection; and the second because it will be the first opportunity, after the failure of Hilary, to seat a woman in the Oval Office, but not to take a picture, but to command, and it is an opportunity that no liberal woman, no African-American or no Democrat supporter would let it pass. So plenty will depend on her.

But who is Kamala Harris? I have to admit that she was a stranger to me until mid 2018, when some friends told me about her at a dinner in San Francisco. At that time, among the possible Democratic candidates, in addition to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and a rookie in these brawls that was Amy Klobuchar sounded. And I already commented to them that I believed that either the candidate was Biden or better that they emigrate, because he was the only one who could oppose Trump. But I became interested in Harris, and I learned more about her, the more she caught my attention, and I did so because I saw in her everything that could lead her to the White House in the future.

“The daughter of two brilliant minds, this 56-year-old law doctor has become an expert in D.C.”

Kamala Harris is the daughter of immigrants who responds to the American paradigm. Her colored father is of Jamaican origin and her mother is Indian. And although she is mixed race, she likes to call herself African American. She is a very intelligent woman and those who have had the opportunity to listen to her will agree with me that it is what in Spain is called “an easy verb”, a key quality in a politician who must know how to reach the masses, without being a populist.

As it is also said, “caste comes to the greyhound”. Her parents are two prodigious minds: her mother a renowned scientist and her father a professor of economics at the prestigious Stanford University. Kamala is a law doctorate and has dedicated her entire professional life to public service from the prosecution, becoming elected attorney general of California and later Senator. Therefore, she knows perfectly well not only politics but the Senate, whose presidency she will occupy for the next four years. Here she will have to deal with a Senate where, even though the Democrats have obtained the majority, they have not obtained the 60 seats necessary to prevent the filibustering that the next republican minority will undoubtedly try on more than one occasion.

“Biden and Harris have two years to rebuild a country mired in disunity as well as an economic and health crisis.”

Biden, and therefore Harris, have the titanic task to carry out a true national reconstruction, and they must put it not only in motion, but move at cruising speed before November 2022, the date of the next mid-term elections mandate.

Trump has divided the most united democracy on the planet, the American one. The population confrontation is brutal. In 35 years I have not seen the confrontation between Americans as it is seen now. And it is a confrontation unlike any other: rural America versus urban America.

The American people have always been a disparate people. In Europe, and here in my home country Spain, the population is characterized by an acceptable secondary education. This does not happen with the Americans. Spain has deplorable university studies but average studies that reach almost 85% of the population. Poor, but acceptable. Well, maybe I’m being generous with my country, but I am sway to it. But in the United States, where its university elites are among the best in the world, secondary education is deplorable. In many parts of the country the language is simply not spoken. The use of words is 30% lower than the average in Europe. That’s where Biden and Harris have to work. Uniting what Trump has disunited, but that in the midst of a deep economic crisis and a health crisis of enormous size.

Harris is a cultured and liberal woman, who has promoted laws typical of rich and cultured areas, with Californian language and ways. She must adapt her language, manners and ways to radically different areas such as Alabama or Kentucky. And I say that they, Biden and Harris, will have to do it before November 2022 because at that time it will surely be their first plebiscite.

“In June I defined Harris as Biden’s secret weapon to win the election. The choice as a running mate was obvious.”

I already gave my opinion on Kamala Harris. In June, more than a month and a half before Biden made it public, I defined it as the secret weapon that Biden had to win the election. Obviously, Biden didn’t call me to let me know, but choosing her as a running partner was obvious. Harris had what complemented Biden.

It will be four of fair and studied scrutiny to see if her husband the day he came up during a campaign rally and proclaimed her as the next president of the US was right or just a dream. We’ll see.