Orfeo Capital Talentum, IF

An author fund, global equities and where the volume invested varies between 40 and 100% of the fund’s assets.

Orfeo Capital Universum, IF

A global mixed income fund, where the investment in RV will be between 0 and 70%, leaving the rest invested in RF.

Orfeo Capital is an investment firm in both listed and unlisted securities. In turn, it provides independent advice on mergers and acquisitions of privates companies.

Investments in listed securities are made by Orfeo Capital SGIIC, S.A., a company regulated by CNMV (Spanish National Securities Commission) counterpart of British FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), which is governed by the laws and regulations issued by the European Union in this regard.

Orfeo Capital SGIIC is the result of the transformation of an EAFI (counterpart of British Independent Financial Adviser), which was also regulated by the CNMV.

The same EAFI was born as the natural evolution of an important family office that openes its doors to the request of external investors who liked the wealth management carried out by the family office.

The principle of management that reigns in Orfeo Capital SGIIC is that which predominates in any family office, the wealth’s preservation. To ensure that this principle is not forgotten, the members of the Orfeo Capital team jointly invest with our investors most of their financial assets, in such a way that they assume the future of investments as their own.